Rookie: *235 lb. minimum, black restrictor
Jr. 1: *260 lb. minimum, blue restrictor
Jr. 2: 285 lb. minimum, red restrictor

Light Stock:

*345 lb. minimum
Heavy Stock: *370 lb. minimum
Open: *350 lb. minimum (any single cyl. engine )
* Please note changes to weight minimums.
All kart, kart engines, and safety equipment are subject to CKC tech inspections at any CKC event.

Colby Kart Club uses KART engine specs. on all Briggs classes. Safety items are defined in the KART rulebook. If you have any questions... ASK!

CKC is NOT affiliated with "KART" in any way.
Age requirements for the junior classes are defined in the KART rulebook. CKC will run 6 primary classes for the 2008 race season. Classes will have 3-kart minimum to race. Additional classes may be allowed at the discretion of CKC. Additional classes will be pre-approved prior to race day.